Dec 4, 2013

Toronto Eats: Margaritas Mexican Fiesta

During a particularly rainy day, we decided to head to Margaritas Mexican Fiesta for some food. As you can see it is nearing Christmas. 

Location of Margarita's Fiesta Room:

The atmosphere was great very casual dining.  I wasn't expecting too much when coming in, but its a nice little place with good food and great service.

Murals of Hayden Herrera's Frida Kahlo character made famous by Salma Hayek's potrayal:

Beautiful framing of prominent faces of Mexico:

I ended up ordering Calamari (which I like to try at different locations) and it was pretty good; although I wish they included some lemon juice (which in retrospect I could have asked for). The side salad was very zesty and a great addition to the appetizer. 

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