Dec 26, 2013

Shopping: Boxing Day Haul

Call it Spring

Call it Spring's Boshard Tote that was 30% off. This was the last model and luckily I was able to get it! I couldn't find it on the Call it Spring website and apparently these totes have been flying off the shelves.


IKEA Linens; for my bathroom I picked up Lavender  towels for my bathroom and green towels for my brother's bathroom. The grid pillow covers are going to replace the red pillows. 

I've been noticing that we both throw our backpacks and scarves on the sofa. So I got us a basket we can throw our things into without cluttering the living area.

When I had friends over we were drinking wine out of coffee mugs. I got myself a set of six glasses at $4.99 CAD

Canadian Tire

I bought cookware from Canadian Tire, including cake pans and culinary thermometer.


I took advantage of the Boxing Day specials at Sephora.


No particular sale at Fossil that I took advantage of,  this watch is from Lynne and Kevin as a Christmas/Birthday Gift. I love this rose gold watch - although I was holding out on a Michael Kors one - ultimately this is what I wanted!

All in all it was a good haul. I don't go shopping often so it was nice to be able to get things for the place. I forgot my camera at home for the holidays before heading to the parents so I really missed being able to take quality photos. 
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