Nov 2, 2014

DIY Minion Costume: The Outfit + Minion Hat for Halloween

While browsing Pinterest I came across a DIY Minion Tutorial that I really liked. So I decided, since I've been piecing together some past cosplays, why not make my own Halloween costume?


Minion Goggles [tutorial here]

  • Using supplies from Home Depot and the dollar store, I cover a tutorial on DIY Minion Goggles here.

Minion Outfit [scroll down for logo print out how-to]
  • Yellow Shirt ($6.95 from H&M)
  • Blue Shorts/skirt ($12 from H&M)
  • Knee-High Socks ($9 from Walmart)
  • Black Shoes (flats) ($9 from Walmart) 
  • Suspenders ($9.50 from Hot Topic)
  • Print logo to t-shirt ~$22

Minion Hat [for tutorial, scroll down]
  • Craft Foam for minion hat (< $10)
  • Glue gun with glue (less than $4 at the dollar store)

Getting the Printed-Tee

There were several options to get the printed logo, this "Gru Logo" which I have provided in large resolution here [click for large version, png]:

Option 1:  USE BLACK FABRIC MARKER: You can print it out, cut out the black parts and use a black fabric marker to draw on the t-shirt

A screenshot from Bethany Mota's DIY Despicable Me Minion Costume. 
Option 2: GET THE LOGO CUSTOM PRINTED: Get it printed a custom t-shirt store. I found a really decently priced place in Toronto (Baked Tees) that can do it same day. I decided to go with a custom logo print since I plan on using this shirt in the future (cons? halloween parties?).

In Toronto, there are several custom t-shirt stores that are good, affordable options.

Ensure you go in with resolution: 300 dpi, I saved the file on a USB and set the image settings to 10 inches by 10 inches. Here are my photoshop settings:

Inside the t-shirt print store, Freshly Baked Tees:

At the t-shirt shop, getting it printed in a logo press:

Total cost was $19.75 + tax was approximately ~$22.00

And here's the print!

Craft Foam Minion Hat

The template I based off this Instructables Hex Hat using Craft Foam using the 6 Orange Hat pieces, and the Brown hat brim based on the advice in the comments section a lady had done to make a Mario hat for her son's Halloween costume:

Template [click to enlarge, original source templates and full here]

Pictures from the Night

My girlfriends and I for with our DIY Minion costumes!

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