Oct 16, 2014

DIY Halloween Minion Costume: Goggles

I've been working on a Despicable Me Minion Costume and decided to DIY this year instead of purchasing a costume (partly inspired by DIY cosplays for conventions I've started to attend this year). I was inspired by Bethany Mota's Minion Tutorial on Youtube and decided to try my hand at it.

I'll be blogging shortly about the outfit I'm putting together for the costume. 


Minion Goggles
  • PVC Piping Ends 2 or 3 inches in diameter (95 cents each at Home Depot)
  • Silver/Glitter Spray Paint ($12.95 at Home Depot). I chose one specifically for crafts
  • 6 small nuts (from my dad, can get them from Home Depot)
  • Glue Gun ($3 from the Dollar Store) with Glue Gun Fillers ($1.50 from Dollar Store)
  • Velcro straps (from Dollar Store)

6 small nuts (yes, the technical term is "nuts", I kept calling them washers for some reason).

Assembling the Minion Goggles
In a well ventilated, area - preferably outside, spray paint the PVC pipe over some newspaper. This will take several hours to dry. I did several layers - spray painting initially, leaving it for an hour, and then spray painting it once again to get a more solid finish. 

Several hours and sprays later:

I got my dad to drill two small holes on the side of each, so that I could sew the velcro straps on the side (or you can glue gun them on), however, this sewing them on will last longer:

Next glue gun the side OPPOSITE to where the holes were made. I was skeptical at first as to how strong the glue gun would hold.

Glue the nuts on (x3 each side).

Cut the velcro strap in half:

Sew the velcro straps using the holes that were drilled into the sides earlier:

Voila! You have your minion goggles:

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