Dec 28, 2009

South Korea Day 10, 11 and 12: Puppy Together

One of my favorite places to visit was "Puppy Together" which sold puppies to the public. Unfortunately I believe most of these puppies were way too young to be separated form their mothers. Most of the breeds were toy - lots of pomeranians! 

Dec 27, 2009

South Korea Day 9: My Birthday

Celebrating my birthday with a Christmas Cake :)

Dec 26, 2009

South Korea Day 8: Boxing Day: Clubbing in Seoul

I found the clubbing experience in South korea to be very different. One thing: clubbing doesn't stop. They rotate DJs every couple of hours and dancing continues until 6 am instead of ending at 2 am like is here.

There was also smoking indoors with cigarette butts on the floor. This was something I suppose that is common-place but nonetheless strange. Lots of inhalation that night from second hand smoke.

It was a fun night, but certainly couldn't keep up with the Koreans.

Dec 25, 2009

South Korea Day 7: Christmas Day: Myeong-Dong Station, Namsam Mountain, North Seoul Tower

 We decided to head over the Myeong-Dong station and attempt to climb up Namsam Mountain. The line up for the lifts was way too long, so we decided it would be much easier to climb up the mountain which took a while as well.

Dec 24, 2009

South Korea Day #6: Christmas Eve and Christmas Cakes

Paris Baguette was selling lots of "Christmas Cakes" which you take home and eat to celebrate with your family. 

South Korea Day 5: Korean Classrooms 2

I visited the school again to meet all the students, I wasn't much larger than most of them but they were really excited to see me.

A few messages on the staircases throughout the school:

South Korea Day 4: More Korean BBQ and a Haircut

Posing outside of a shopping mall in South Korea:

South Korea Day 3: Inside a Korean Classroom

I visited a typical elementary school classroom after school hours and it was unique to see the differences between both education systems. 

Here is one of the students: 

Dec 23, 2009

South Korea Day 2: Outdoor Parks, Shopping & BBQ

I went out and explored a bit of KOrea. It was super cold that day, but it was nice to walk around and see different sights. 

South Korea Day 1: From Pearson to Incheon

Posing by the Christmas tree at the Pearson International Airport. This was at a time I still wore glasses and had much lighter hair: