Dec 27, 2013

Home: Re-organizing the Pantry

Living in Condo in downtown Toronto means having very little space to work with. I consider us lucky the place came with a pantry closet where can store cleaning supplies and clothing.

Before and After


There wasn't any particular organization to this beforehand. I kept cleaning and bathroom supplies on the bottom shelves and all of the cooking supplies at eye level or higher:


Much better flow and easier organization! I put the baking supplies at eye level and cleared up some kitchen space storing most of my spices in the pantry closet.

Pantry Organizations Steps

1. Identify what needs organizing: I went through everything I was already storing in my pantry closet. You can put together a Pantry Inventory.

2. Identify which organization techniques you would like to use: Scroll down to "Pantry Organization Inspiration" for Pantry Organization Ideas!

3. Clean your pantry shelves FIRST before  starting the organizing process

4. Gather materials (see below): This includes labels, organizing containers/caddies,

5. Throw out anything expired. 

6. Storage Tips:

Keep dry ingredients in sealed, air-tight containers

Heavier containers and appliances on the bottom

Keep cleaning materials and cooking materials completely separate. 

Utilize the doors and wall space

Write down Expiry Dates on different products, e.g. all purpose flour can be stored at room temperature for 3 months in an air-tight container (source). Flour can be refrigerated in an air-tight zip bloc bag for up to 6 months. 

My Pantry Organization Process

Living in a tight space is challenging since there really isn't any space at all.

Empty out entire Pantry Closet (this is usually a very messy process) and throw out anything that can be recycled or has expired:


Scrub and dust the shelves clean and line with blank white paper to catch any dust or spillage:

Start shelving all supplies in an organized manner, organize by use, ingredient, colour, etc. but keep food and cleaning supplies separate (an on different levels).

Many of these storage caddies were ones that I had purchased at IKEA.

The After:

Pantry Organization Tips

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Pantry Organization Inspiration

Click to Enlarge:

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{ 3 / 4 }

{ 5 / 6 }

{ 7 / 8 }

I'll be tackling other areas around the condo when I get the chance.

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