Mar 31, 2014

Dragonboat Update - Pool Practice

I joined a Dragon boat team sometime in Fall 2013 to help me reach my fitness goals. In the fall/winter season its "off-season" training, so we focus on strengthening, endurance, flexibility and core exercises. With an extended long-winter season, many of us have been eager to hit the pool to practice our paddling technique. 

Mar 25, 2014

Indian Food at Madhur's

I went to a friend's house that I met through salsa for a home made Indian dinner.

Mar 17, 2014

Roasted Cheese Asparagus Spears

This is one of my favourite easy appetizers that I usually make with many of my seafood dishes. 

Chicken Alfredo Roll

This recipe was adapted from the Recipe Critic. This recipe turned out fantastic! Although you may want to add a little bit more alfredo sauce than I did.  I also recommend using homemade alfredo sauce! 

Mar 10, 2014

South Asian Wedding Reception at Berber Social

I was invited to a South Asian wedding reception recently at BerBer Social in the heart of downtown Toronto. There was an open bar, multiple speeches, a Bollywood dance performance, Belly Dancing and delicious cuisine. What I found interesting was that the wedding ceremony and reception actually took place on two different days. 

I took photos with the Canon SL1 with a 24-60mm f 2.8 lens and I loved  the effect and bokeh produced by this lens! 

Mar 8, 2014

Board Games & London Fogs

I've been meeting up with the same group of friends several times a month for social outings. Since moving to downtown Toronto, my friends and all these neat places have suddenly become accessible to me.

Snakes and Lattes

My iPhone camera doesn't produce the best quality photos, but nonetheless it captured a few moments we had at Snakes and Lattes is a $5 admission cafe with access to a huge library of board games in the heart of downtown Toronto. Its tucked away by Bathurst station (Honest Ed's!) and the lineups are usually very long.

The waiters are also super helpful and will explain game rules and strategies to you if your group is struggling.

It was my first time there and I was surprised at how much fun I actually had, I get a bit too competitive at board games and often take the outcomes VERY personally (unless I win... I kid, I kid).