Dec 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

The weekend of December 27th was my "birthday weekend". Each day I planned activities with close friends and family.

Friday - the Keg and Salsa

I went on a special dinner date on Friday to the Keg, it was a complete surprise and I was absolutely delighted! I've been to the Keg before but never to the "Keg mansion". They had beautiful interiors and delicious steak.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my SLR camera and these pics were taken from my phone, nonetheless I wanted to share some of the photos:

It was difficult to take pictures in the dim "mood" lighting but it was wonderful. I had red wine with my rare steak - next time I may try blue rare!


I then spent the evening dancing salsa and Bachata at Babaluu Supper Club in Yorkville. We took the "basic" lesson at the beginning of the class, that was a lot of fun :D

Saturday - Dinner at Joeys

In the usual fashion I organized a Facebook event. Having a birthday around the end of December can be tricky simply because people have many family commitments and are away for the holidays. I booked a reservation three weeks in advance and I luckily got the day I requested but had to opt for a much later time since they book up fast. I know now for future to book much further in advance (6-8 weeks) for very busy venues. 

Joey's is a restaurant that features "premium upscale casual dining" and it was a great location for a large group. We had a reservation for 16 friends and family and the customer service was amazing leading up to the event! I brought my own cake and they graciously offered to set it on a wooden slab and provided plates and forks for everyone to share:

These were candles I bought at Longo's, I couldn't find the sparklers but they looked very nice in comparison to the traditional candle.

My cousin and I getting ready together! I showed her how to use winged liner and lash extensions:

Light up the candles, I even brought my own BBQ lighter:

My lovely friend from university helping me to light the candles, the wax was melting very fast:

A picture very indicative of our times. Before I was allowed to the blow the candles everyone wanted to take a picture:

And cutting into the cake:

Sunday - Kizomba at Babaluu Supper Club

On Sunday I went to Babaluu Supper Club in Yorkville, Toronto - which is considered a very "uptown/upper class" area. We had a Kizomba class taught by Java, who was HYSTERICAL. It was a lot of fun learning the basic steps. A few of my friends who went were already well versed with the style of dance and was able to show us.

The interior or Babaluu's with Christmas Decor:

My friend Lowell and I before leaving for tacos!

It was an AMAZING birthday weekend. Although I'm pretty exhausted after having a weekend that was super packed, I have this week off to recover (: Not sure how I'm going to top it next year - I'll be turning 27 which is my "Champagne Birthday". 

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