Dec 1, 2013

Toronto Fun: Salsa (Advanced) at UofT Dance Club

Class: Salsa - Advanced
Instructor: Martin
Location: University of Toronto Dance Club
Cost: $40 for students for 7 classes
Time: Tuesday evenings 7:00 PM for one hour. 

They offer dance classes, practices and workshops as well as performance classes if you are more advanced.

Our salsa group

Our dance teacher Martin is on the far right. He also teaches Waltz, Tango and Salsa. 

My background with salsa: I started taking salsa with a good friend in my first year of university. We started off with "Beginner"; I advanced to "Intermediate" and danced salsa occasionally at university formals. 

It wasn't until a few years later that I started attending salsa clubs, socials, and this fall I started in Salsa Advanced classes.

Teaching in Advanced Salsa:  I've consistently gone to each class, which helped me establish and fine tune basic salsa techniques: foot work, styling, posturing. We then learned choreography to be performed at the end-of-term in front of others taking dance classes.

I also kept in mind that this was salsa being taught at an academic institution and not an actual dance school; so "salsa advanced" may actually be equivalent to "salsa beginner/intermediate" at an equivalent salsa/dance school.

Location of Practice

There weren't any mirrors, which made it hard to see what we "looked like" dancing and fixing up our form:

Learning Choreography

At the end of the term, all of the students from various dance classes put on a performance showcasing what they learned in that semester.

It actually wasn't until I started learning choreography that I was able to finesse a lot of the styling moves I had seen girls pull off at salsa clubs. Styling is often referred to how you move your hands.

Waiting right before our performance: Myself, Matthaus, Michael and Bernice.

Our Performance

I realize there is a LOT of styling I would like to improve on and that my dancing is very amateur (in spite of the fact that we were taking an "advanced" class at a university.

Why I enjoyed salsa

I really felt I improved tremendously in terms of fixing basic foot work, counting, and most of all meeting new people, which has been on a resolution list for the year 2013.

We have gone out socializing a couple of times, but we really bonded over the performance. It really helped that I started the class with a good friend of mine. After seeing most people week after week you really get to know them very well.

We went drinking afterwards at a nearby tavern to celebrate the performance:

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