Oct 31, 2013

Halloween 2013: Three Blind Mice

I put together a Halloween Party inviting high school friends, friends from university and friends from salsa class. One of my goals for 2013 were to meet new people. We had decided to dress up and go to a Pub Crawl, my first in downtown Toronto.

Three Blind Mice Female Costume Look
Minnie Mouse Ears Headbands: The Disney Store (available in pink and red)
SunGlasses: Hot Topic
Pink ribbon chokers were homemade. 

I actually found improvising our own costumes was a lot cheaper and a LOT more fun than purchasing a costume. Doing coordinated group costumes was so much more fun too. I can actually understand why people choose to cosplay; I'd love to dress up more than once a year!

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

Decorations were from Dollarama that I picked up that morning. 

Pinterest Fail

I also made a sincere attempt at marshmallow pops up. Unfortunately the marshmallows I started were deformed and I don't think the chocolate wafers I dipped them in were melted enough to give that smooth texture. They also ran out of candied eyes at my local Bulk Barn. 

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