Dec 7, 2013

Toronto Eats: Buster's Sea Cove [St. Lawrence Market]

After having a sleepover, my friends and I headed to St. Lawrence Market. I took my new Canon Rebel SL1 camera - with an 18-55mm kit lens and started to practice shooting. I'm still learning how to take good pictures - both by adjusting camera settings and determining composition of my photos.

Just outside St. Lawrence Market:

We decided to eat at Buster's Sea Cove:

Fish and chips:

Jumbo shrimp was delicious! It had a BBQ flavor and also very tender and moist.

Linda, Bernice and I posing together for Brunch at St. Lawrence Market.

Aubrey and his custom coffee :)

I also took a picture of a chubby squirrel:

Overall it was an AMAZING weekend! I still have dragon boat practice tomorrow morning, which I'm kind of dreading but it'll be good to whip me into shape.

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