Dec 1, 2013

Dragonboat Entry #2 - Week 3 & Volunteering at Mon Sheong

So this weekend has completely packed with activities. 

Dragonboat Practice

Sunday morning I headed down to Don Mills station where my good friend Bernice picked me up and we headed to Dragonboat practice. This is our third week thus far and I'm really enjoying the camaraderie I am building with many of the team members. 

Being on the Dragonboat team has also encouraged me to work on my endurance and conditioning. Right now, my fitness isn't the best and my diet isn't the greatest either. I will work on eating healthier and having a more balanced lifestyle in order to keep up with the Dragonboat practices. 

Our practice was shortened slightly because we had to head out to downtown Toronto to volunteer at the Christmas Party:

Volunteering at the
Mon Sheong Christmas Party

The Dragonboat team has many of its fees subsidized by the Mon Sheong foundation which runs a long-term-care centre. This event invited elders in the community to come enjoy music, food. There were many volunteers from the Mon Sheong youth group volunteering at the event. The dragonboat team came to show their appreciation for the financial support.

I decided to attend and had the chance to interact with some seniors. They all spoke Mandarin (the only language I speak at all is English) so it was challenging. Luckily some people were there to translate for me. 

Our dragonboat team members on the far left:

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