Dec 23, 2013

Toronto Travel: Toronto's Christmas Market

Toronto's Christmas Market 2013 ran from November 29 to December 15 this year. I had the unique opportunity to go with a couple of friends to the Distillery District, which is where the Market takes place. It was very crowded, and much more practical to take the TTC/walk there as parking was expensive and nearly impossible. 

The origin of Christmas Market  began in Germany in the 1400s, and consist of street vendors who sell traditional and/or local goods to market patrons. 

There were carols, warm hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and whiskey tasting in the Beer Gardens all within a few blocks of each other.

This year's Christmas Market was sponsored by Lowe's. 

I wish we came a little bit later when it was darker; that way we could see the entire place lit up lights! This would have made for amazing photography!
Some of the street names. 

A cool photo we took just outside the Distillery District with my friend Aubrey. 

Myself and the girls posing outside the Christmas Tree that was donated by "Trees Ontario" for the Market. There were live carolers and music playing. Lots of young families!

A close up of the tree and clock; very "Miracle on 34th Street".
 Next year I hope to go when its darker and the lights go on. I know it'll make for amazing photos!

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