Dec 23, 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution #2: Keeping up in Winter

I am currently half way through Jillian Michaels Body Revolution the second time around. I began in May 2013 and have had good results with weight loss and toning. Everything was put on pause when I moved to my new place in August. I have also been joining a lot of new activities including salsa classes, a small stint with hip hop which meant keeping up with a regular workout schedule was less realistic.

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I regressed in terms of my health and fitness with all of the activities in the fall even though I was slowly expanding my social circle. It reminds me that I can't take my health for granted and continue to keep it on the back burner even if other areas of my life are flourishing.


Work towards a fitness goal: My new approach to fitness will be a bit different. I've recently joined a Dragonboat team, I began with 5 practices, once a week every Sunday for free trial practices. In the new year, the frequency of practices will be the same, but intensity will increase and there will be a $50 "try out" fee with a subsequent heftier fee for actually joining the team.

The team will practice with the goal of being at a level to be able to compete. So right now, I'm using these personal fitness programs (i.e. Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution) to keep fit on a daily basis.

Workout Schedule Progress

I just completed weeks 5&6 (an almost second time around - see the third picture on the top row) and now will start weeks 7&8.

Winter Challenges

In general I am a lot less active in the winter since the cold weather discourages me from going outside. Knowing my affinity for the "path of least resistance", having the Jillian Michaels DVDs keeps me active without having to leave my place.

New Approach to Workouts

I've decided to forego gym memberships and doing the same workout over and over again. I stumbled upon LeahBeahig's Instagram account and she does a series of challenges every few months.  She is a beachbody coach so will endorse the products that fall under that company including p90x, Brazilian Butt Lift, etc. She rotates between different workout programs (e.g. will do 90 days of p90x, move onto p90x3, then Brazilian Butt Lift, then do p90x round 2, etc.).

I thought this was a fantastic idea so I'm going to take this approach as well. I am looking specifically for 30 minute workouts as anything more than this I really start to lose my mind.

Fixing Diet

Something that I noticed when I started to participate in rigorous dragon boat training was how hungry I was after a workout. I started to return to eating a lot of junk food since that was all that I had at home.

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Some of the new lifestyle changes I'd like to make to food include:

  • more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • vegetarian one day per week (if I'm feeling ambitious I'll try vegan/raw food). 
  • home cooked food more frequently - every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  
  • minimize eating out
  • incorporating more greens into meals

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I'm finishing off this year and going into the new year very determined. I hope I can meet my fitness goals.

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