Apr 8, 2014

KPop Performance Group

I've never been particularly good at hip hop, much less korean pop choreography. This was my first time joining with the goal of performing at University of Toronto's Festival of Dance to showcase what we had learn. With three months as the goal and biweekly practices, we met up at a yoga studio to learn new steps and refine our moves.

One of the girls, Helen, is particularly experienced and very good at analyzing and teaching moves based on korean choreography.

Song 1: BoA - The Shadow

Video (choreography)

Song 2: Kahi - Its Me

Song 3: T-ara - Cry Cry

Video (choreography starts at 0:33 seconds)

Dance Progression - from day 1 to performance

Practice 1:

Many of our practices took place Sunday late afternoons to learn choreography and cleanup steps. 

Lovely practice facility: Yoga studio with a mirror. 

Practice - Mar 9

Practice - Mar 16

Practice - March 22

Last Practice: March 24

Technical Rehearsal: March 26

Here we could work with spacing and test lighting before the big night. 

Performance 1: Hart House Festival of Dance

Together in the change room the night of:

Performance 2: End of Term Party 



It was such a fun experience and I didn't think I'd ever picture myself dancing to a kpop dance routine. Its something I wouldn't mind doing in the future, I think it would really be a lot of fun.

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