May 27, 2014

Doors Open Toronto: St. Russell Carhouse

I had the opportunity to attend Doors Open Toronto, where for one weekend, you can visit 155 of the city's historical, architectural, cultural and socially significant buildings. There were so many places to visit, however, I got to visit TTC Russell Carhouse where the city's streetcars are repaired.


The story goes that back in 1913, Toronto Railway Company built this as a paint house for city transit. When a neighbouring carhouse burnt down in 1916, this paint house rapidly turned into a carhouse. When they discovered the foundation was sinking in 1923, the building was demolished and rebuilt in 1924, which stands to this day.

Toronto Russell Carhouse in 1953. Source: Toronto Public Library.

Photos from Doors Open

I'll be honest, I haven't been working on trying to better my photography skills. Nonetheless, it was beautiful weather and I was in good company. So I had my ISO set to Auto, Aperture Priority and the smallest f-stop.

I took photos, keeping in mind basic things like "rule of thirds", taking pictures where I saw "lines, patterns" and ones that I felt told a story. I'm still very amateur but I feel my photos are slowly improving as I take into account lighting, metering, and the type of lens I am using.


Vintage Ads

Many of the ads on the subway were reproduced from the era that the train was it. 

Springs I took pictures of. 

Having fun at Doors Open


Being silly while seated in the vintage car at Toronto's Doors Open Event. Photo by Paulino Huang.

Showing my good friend Alex my handy work. Photo by Paulino Huang

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  1. Very cool, ever since I watched Harry Potter I have always loved trains. We don't have any working trains where I live, so it's pretty depressing. recently i found out there was an "attraction" near me where you can ride on this old train and it was cool! I mean, if I'm being honest it was really boring but I was getting my chance to ride on a train... which was the only thing I cared I know in Universal Orlando they are opening a new attraction with the Hogwarts Express so THAT train is one I REALLY need to get on! lol anyways, back to YOU... looks like you and your friends had lots of fun! and your photos look really nice!

  2. Great!


  3. I am def going to check this out! I also live in Toronto, its nice to find more Canadian bloggers!

    Love from Canada,

    Marie from

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