May 12, 2014

Hanami 2014: Part 1

Hanami is the Japanese custom of enjoying cherry flower blooms. Each year, there is a period of one week where the cherry blossoms come out to bloom. In Toronto, hundreds make the pilgrimage to High Park to see the cherry blossoms bloom.

Hamami at my Parent's Place

What was unfortunate about this year is because we had a prolonged, harsh winter - the blooms were not as striking or dramatic as in previous years. Usually the blooms out out first, and then the leaves , but instead we had both come out at the same time.

Hanami in High Park

At high park, we went this past weekend and it was cloudy, very cold and very dreary. The blooms had suffered through five days of rain, of which 3 of them were heavy. So most of the blossoms had fallen and were very dreary at that point.

Pink Magnolias

Luckily we found a magnolia tree, which seemed to be the only tree in high park that seemed to have decent bloom. We took advantage of the opportunity to take some nice photos:

My friends Fred and Aubrey, they actually did not need direction for posing of this picture.

Me with my friend Linda.

Hanami in the previous year

This year (on the left) vs. last year (on the right):

 Sakura blossoms from last year:

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  1. Beautiful photos! I see you're also from Toronto ;)
    I have never been to High Park for the cherry blossoms yet..maybe I will go this year!

  2. These are so beautiful Annie! You are such a great photographer! I've never seen cherry blossoms in real life... I think they are so pretty though, I hope day I will get the chance to see them!

  3. Wow thank you Jessica! You haven't seen one before in real life? Whereabouts are you from?

  4. Thank you! <3 Cherry blossoms at peak bloom were kind of disappointing this year, because of our harsh winter we had more leaves than actual blossoms and it was raining all week. I was able to take some pictures today (in the rain!) so hopefully I can post those soon. Thanks so much for the comment x

  5. I live in central Florida! I don't think they grow around here.

  6. I would LOVE to visit/live in Florida. We have a lot of Canadians that fly there for the winter (we call them snowbirds).

  7. Yes the snowbirds bring a lot of business where I live :) Florida is nice but it gets so very hot during August & September... it's actually pretty horrible, in the 100's with humidity... awful! BUT I am near Disney World, lots of lakes and pretty beaches... so I try to not complain much :)