Nov 13, 2013

Eat: Chicken Pesto Sandwich

The Recipe:

My attempt at Chicken Pesto Sandwiches:

I always find it difficult to cook chicken to the point where it is not dried. I finally found a solution for it! I actually taken the chicken breasts and slice them in half, so that they are about less than half a centimetre thick and therefore require less time on the grill and less of a likelihood of drying out. 

These chicken pieces are seasoned with salt, pepper and italian seasoning. I then brushed each side with canola oil.

These were placed over medium heat, each side requiring 6 - 8 minutes. 

I then added toast (buttered on each side), chicken, tomato and pesto to top it off. 

I know it doesn't look as professional as the recipe I got this from but boy was it delicious! My brother and I both had seconds after. 

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