Jul 8, 2014

Rabbit Cafe R.A.A.G.F. in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Today we left for Harajuku to go to a rabbit cafe. It's tucked away on a smaller street near the station so after asking a few locals we made it! I had heard about puppy and kitten cafés, and I'm sure I've come across rabbit cafés while perusing the Internet. This was a big "to see" on my list.

So the cafe name is "Rabbit and get fat", and the logo is of a rabbit's behind and some poop. Strange but cute lol. Immediately when you go in, you take a seat and sign a contract with a list of rules (don't open cages without assistance, ask if you wish to hold a rabbit, etc).

The cost is ¥600 for 30 minutes and ¥1000 for 60 minutes.

The place is cozy, with half of it dedicated to the rabbit hutches/housing area and the other half for guests to sit and play with the rabbits.

This guy was huge!

My dad feeding the bunnies.

None of the rabbits are neutered or spayed, so they only let one out at a time. Some display very territorial behaviour (marking spots, digging, urinating everywhere). The older rabbits were much more calm and more accustomed to people.

For 150 yen you buy rabbit treats (vegetables). Then they unleash the rabbit. The rabbits are generally very friendly and will go up to you and allow for a few pets on the head or behind the ears.

The largest rabbit we had was tall enough to grab the treat bowls off the the tables. The second rabbit we played with was called "ushi" because of it's cow pattern.

It was such a fun experience. Definitely a first for me. Of course being a long term rabbit owner I couldn't help but look for signs of distress or poor health, but all the rabbits seem to be happy, healthy and well adjusted. You can also decide to purchase a rabbit if you wish

The exit

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