Jan 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014

I celebrated New Years Eve at my good friend Bernice's and a few close friends. I took the opportunity to break out the SLR camera and practice taking photos. Although facebook as the "group/people" shots that I shared with friends and family, I thought I'd use the blog to share some of the small details from the event.

We actually missed the countdown by a few seconds, but had champagne with lemon sorbet to celebrate!

I'm not sure the name of these flowers, but I was told that they bloom in the winter and closed up during the bad ice storm we had during the winter. These yellow flowers accented the table setting in addition to gold candles and seashells, a beautiful touch!

For the dinner setting, we had nice wine glasses, Cabarnet Sauvignon and sweet dessert wine, as well as candles floating in water with seashells/rocks at the bottom as a centre piece. 

Peacock accents in the kitchen with real roses and gold ornaments:

Cranberry apple salad. I really liked the use of the swirly table runner and a makeshift "set table". If I stay longer at my place I may consider setting this up:

Pumpkin seeds roasted to be added to the salad. They were quite crunchy and added a nice texture to the cranberry salad (above) in addition to sliced apples and brie cheese.

"Just add vodka" martinis for the ladies. 

Martini cocktails rimmed with sugar:

Shrimp wrapped in bacon. This was DELICIOUS, I had to stop myself after three servings:

Shrimp ring that was store bought and fully defrosted. Either way, these are always delicious at a party!

Jello shots to start the night off. These were vodka flavoured, we also had green jello shots that were lychee flavoured with a pineapple at the bottom. 

Red velvet cupcakes at snakeable desserts. 

Practicing with creating a "Bokeh" effect with my camera:


My friend Bernice was gracious enough to host the party at her beautiful place. We caught up, played board games and sang karaoke and rang in the new year together. She told me that many of her ideas came from Pinterest (as she had heard I used it to put together birthday ideas in the past).


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