Jan 13, 2014

Dragonboat Practice Entry #4: Circuit training and Upper Body Strength

Since the new year the dragon boat team has been commencing its practices on a weekly basis for two hours on Sundays. I liken it to a bootcamp that occurs once a week. I have been trying to keep up with my own fitness workouts during the week (half an hour each day), and I'm realizing its not quite at the intensity I need to keep up with the dragon boat "bootcamp" practices. 

How it works is we usually do three circuits focusing on upper body, abs, core, back and some legs. We move from one circuit to the next in order to build up strength in the different areas. 

Circuit 1: Upper Body I

This circuit was organized by one of the team leaders Shane. It included work on all upper body muscles including heavy dead lifts, and work with resistance bands.

1. Weight lift ups: holding weight in one hand with shoulder out and elbow fully extended (locked), start in a laying down position to standing up x5 times on each side. Girls did a 10 lb weight, boys 25 lb weight
2. Clapping pushup (plyometric exercise)
3. Deadlifts
4. Tricep suspension
5. Resistance Bands

Circuit 2: Upper Body II

We never got around to doing that circuit, but it included more upper body work I believe. So I don't have the specific exercises listed from memory.

Circuit 4: Abs and Core

This circuit included work on abs, starting with 10 reps and counting down to 9, 8, etc. with each repeat of the circuit.

  1. Russian Twists
  2. Leg Lifts
  3. Toe Touches
  4. Heel Touches
  5. V-ups
  6. Burpees (with pushup)
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Jack Knife Oblique Crunches
  9. Flutterkicks

We'll be doing paddling/pool exercises at some point soon to practice rowing for dragon boat. I know that requires a tremendous amount of strength and I'll have to build up that and endurance in order to last during a race.

I am also doing 30 minute exercises from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution on a daily basis to keep up my fitness during the week. Its an ambitious goal, but I'm determined to make it fit in my schedule.

I'm hoping to see and feel changes in my body - more energy, more strength and more motivation to do things in my personal life too.

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