Apr 17, 2014

Salsa Advanced Performance Winter 2014

I've finally got around to blogging about my experience with Salsa Advanced. I was also part of the Bachata Performance Team and a KPOP dance group

This term I was with instructor Martin, and this was the second semester I took a class with him. He focused on a lot of skills, fundamentals and technique so that we had a good foundation moving forward with learning choreography. Considering how I was dancing before, I've been able to clean up my footwork and incorporate a lot more styling. 



Video Performance: 

I've realized dance is a great creative outlet and destressor for me. I enjoy the socializing aspect of it, but also the discipline and practice required in order to master it. Its certainly a great, active hobby and something I hope to become very good at. 

I would love to be able to immerse myself in dance this summer (if it all possible). 

Keep calm, and salsa on;
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