Apr 22, 2014

Blog Quiz: Photoset Challenge

Putting this together actually took a ridiculous amount of time, not only do I have to think of the answers but find and edit photos. It was a fun process, and made me nostalgic for some of the things I used to do, and hopeful for things I'd like to do eventually.

ʘ 4 tv shows you enjoy that were made in the last 5 years

Probably the only two I watch consistently are Community and Game of Thrones. Since moving to a place with no cable the number of tv shows I watch has dropped substantially. 

ʑ 9 men with faces that you like the look of 

I had to stop at 6, I just thought of movies I had seen recently and actors I really enjoyed. I think when it comes to physical appearance, its hard for me to see someone as "handsome" unless I know the personality. These actors were particularly charming in the movies that I had seen - except for Liam Hemsworth, he's just pretty. 

01. Alex Pettyfer / 02. Tom Hardy / 03. Chris Pine


04. Joseph Gordon-Levitt / 05. Young Brad Pitt / 06. Liam Hemsworth

ɣ 9 women with faces that you like the look of

It was actually a lot easier to curate this list than it was for the males. Many of them have styles and looks that I find exotic, unique or "girl next door" charming that I would love to pick up and emulate. 

01. Jessica Alba / 02. Miranda Kerr / 03. Nina Dobrev

04. Emma Watson / 05. Angelina Jolie / 06. Lauren Conrad


07. Elizabeth Olsen / 08. Michelle Phan / 09. Shay Mitchell

ʬ 4 tv shows you enjoyed that were made more 5 years ago



Φ 4 of the most recent films you have watched


ψ 8 favourite cities or towns you have visited

In retrospect, I have not visited enough places outside of Ontario. I could only list three places that I would consider "my favourites". I would like to travel more :)

01. San Francisco, California / 02. Seoul, South Korea / 03. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Ω 3 pictures of your favourite kind of weather


Δ Four selfies

Sad to say it wasn't too hard to find these.


ς 4 places you would like to visit

Paris, France / Bora Bora

Brazil and/or South America / New Zealand!

Ϡ 4 people from history that you find interesting

Audrey Hepburn / Marilyn Monroe


Martin Luther King Jr. / Ching Shih female pirate from 19th century*

* Ching Shih - One of the most successful female pirates in the history of the world. During her active years as a pirate lord in early 19th century, she commanded over the famous Red Flag Fleet that was consisted from over 1800 ships and 80 thousands male and female pirates. Under her rule, Chinese pirates became invincible, resisting attacks from every major naval power of her time. She was described as ruthless, and executions were not uncommon.

҂ 9 favourite things to eat

Putting together this list has made my mouth water, even though I've already eaten dinner. 


Cupcakes / Macaroons / Nanaimo bar

Sushi / Anything flavoured with Pesto / Quinoa Salad


Lobster / Scallops / Korean BBQ

҉   3 favourite things to drink

01. Bubble Tea / 02. London Fog / 03. Moscato

Do the Quiz!

Please fill out this quiz in the comments section below! (Don't use pictures of course just list them).

  • 4 tv shows you enjoy that were made in the last 5 years
  • 9 faces of men you like to look at
  • 9 faces of women you like to look at
  • 4 tv shows you liked to watch that were made more than 5 years ago
  • 4 recent films you watched
  • 8 favourite towns/cities
  • 4 places you would like to visit
  • 4 people from history you would be interested in learning about
  • 3 types of weather you enjoy
  • 9 favourite things to eat
  • 3 favourite things to drink
  • 3 things you are excited for

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