Apr 21, 2014

Cosplay Inspiration: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

I have been having a really difficult time coming up with a costume for an upcoming convention that I agreed to part of. I've never cosplayed before. I had originally decided on a Mulan costume, but grabbing the components and the requirement for sewing seemed a bit intimidating for my first cosplay. 

Inspiration: Lara Croft and the Guarding of Light

I remember playing a co-op game with Lara Croft (for PC) with her trusty sidekick Totec. I played Lara Croft of course, but I realized that cosplaying her is relatively easy. It does not require sewing or anything too technical!

Lara Croft Cosplays from Around the Net

So I browsed Google and I found some really good versions of Lara Croft - Guardian of Light:


I used the picture on the left as reference for finding the different pieces.

My Costume so far

I will likely be wearing my camera bag, since I have to be carying that around anyway. I don't have formal gun holsters, but thats okay; and I'll be wearing brown boots - which I know isn't true to the actual outfit, but thats okay I can't spend a fortune on everything. 

The things I owned before hand were the pants from Aritzia and the brown boots. There are still a few pieces I need to add, but its coming together slowly!

The convention is fast approaching! I am kind of nervous. A friend has agreed to take "cosplay shots" beforehand close to the waterfront with good lighting. I am nervous as I don't actually know how to pose properly for something like this. Hopefully I can pull off an intimidating "serious" look when taking photos.

Either way, I'm glad I decided to get involved. Its been such an interesting experience and a lot more fun crafting my costume (and I use that term loosely) than buying one from the costume as I usually do for Halloween. 

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