Feb 2, 2014

Cosplay as Mulan: Inspiration

I'll be attending my first ever Costume Con and I've been trying for the longest time to figure out what I wanted to cosplay as. There are some amazing cosplayers, but with me being a beginner I wanted to try something simple.

Inspiration for Mulan Cosplay

I am attending 3 days of the conference and am planning on a different costume for each day. I was toying with different ideas (Laura Croft - not really "me"; Harley Quinn - too sexy). The inspiration came to me while catching up on season 3 of "Once Upon a Time". The series features different fairy tale characters and one of the characters if Fa Mulan played by Jamie Chung.


Jamie Chung as Fa Mulan

Concept Art for Mulan Cosplay



Costumes for Mulan

Mulan Cosplays

Princess Mulan:

Mulan in Armor


Different facets of Mulan


And just for laughs:

This made me laugh HYSTERICALLY! The angle, the makeup, everything. 

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