Jul 1, 2014

Vietnam: Qui Nhon Part II; 2 Fishing Villages & a temple

I begin each day at 6 am (for some reason I can't sleep in), and get up to go drink Vietnamese coffee with my family at the nearest cafe. We go to eat breakfast, head out to see a tourist destination then between 12 pm to 4 pm its far too hot to go outside. So my dad comes home to nap, while I sit up and read, relax, nap as well (or blog). 

Day and Night at the Nhon Nson Hoi bridge

My cousin took me on a joy ride on the motorbike throughout the city, which included seeing Nhon Nson Hoi bridge at night! Its empty here, so I got a chance to learn how to ride a motor bike - which is a LOT heavier than it looks. Luckily I didn't go flying off the bridge :P We also saw some young people drag racing their motorbikes on this bridge (at around 9 pm). 

I also got a chance to practice to practice my photography with all of these scenic views. 

A small fishing boat casting their net:

Quy Nhon is a costal city with booming fishing industry. Many of the fish are primarily caught wild; there aren't as many fishing farms as there are in North America.

My cousins overlooking the bridge.

Animal Encounters in Vietnam

We often share the roadside with these cows (and their babies!). They're very timid and ran away as I tried to approach and photograph them (I wanted to pet one - it was apparent that wasn't going to happen). These cows are not like the cows I'm used to seeing in North America, they're lean and graze along grass fields and near roadsides all day. They're free to roam around but don't venture too far. No antibiotics, no special feed, grass fed... Agriculture the way it should be

The roosters were small, but boy did they look regal:

These were some of the other birds we came across at the Buddhist Temple in Nhon Ly

Nhơn Hải, A Small Fishing Village of Quy Nhon

Nhon Ly is a small branch of Quy Nhon, one of five villages whose industry is primarily fishing and seafood processing. There are "fishing cages" on the beach sand that are being cleaned out.

A man waterproofing one of the small "bowl-like" boats that are used to swim out

Chùa Hương Mai - Buddhist Temple in Nhon Hai

A view of Nhon Ly from the buddhist temple. 

Nhơn lý - Fishing Village #2 in Quy Nhon

The laughing buddha also known as "Budai" is always depicted laughing, and smiling. His name translates into "cloth sack". Rubbing his belly is thought to bring good luck :)

This buddhist temple is under construction. No fancy construction equipment here. 

Custom made Ao Dai

I am also having custom made Vietnamese traditional dress. There were lots of fabrics and designs to pick from. 

My time in Quy Nhon is coming to an end. Later today I will be taking a flight via Vietnam Airlines back to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Then tomorrow we'll be following a tour group to Can Tho, as part of the Mekong Delta. We don't have relatives there so that small trip will be more about sight seeing.

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