Jul 7, 2014

Mount Fuji, Japan

When I first got to Japan, I ended up sleeping 13 hours because I was so jet legged. We had breakfast together in Tokyo before heading off for the day.

Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall (御殿場プレミアム・アウトレット)

Our first destination was towards Mount Fuji was Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall located in Shizuoka, Japan. There were many famous brands I recognized: Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Gap, Nike, Coach as well as quite a few that I did not recognize. I didn't end up purchasing anything there. We did stop by and have a Crepe, Iced Coffee and Iced Peach Tea (yum!)

Found this chubby little sparrow in Japan!

Kosaku Hoto Restaurant

We next went to Kosaku Hoto Kosaku in the city of Kawaguchiko, Japan for their famous Udon. I was told the noodles - "Hoto" is special here in Kawaguchiko. 
Pork Houtuo Udon.
The Kosaku Restaurant is translates into "small creator". They serve some of the best Udon in the city! Guests remove their shoes and sit on the floor around tables. Dishes run from 1500 to 1600 Yen (approximately $15-16). 

Mount Fuji

Conveyor Belt Sushi

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  1. The food pics look SO GOOD! And omg, the little chubby sparrow... how adorable is he!? Japan looks beautiful, I hope to go there one day!

  2. Definitely worth going.. its an amazing place!