Jul 5, 2014

Vietnam: Cần Thơ Fruit Farm

I had the opportunity to visit a fruit garden in Vietnam. My dad befriended the farmer and got a personal tour! This particular fruit farm is located in the Mekong Delta (Can Tho, Vietnam).

I love taking macro photography, any time I can add bokeh in a picture leaves me with a deep sense of satisfaction (whether or not thats good photography.. well.. who knows). We went to a fruit farm, which grows a lot of fruit.

Pitaya, aka Dragonfruit

It looks a lot like kiwi fruit once you cut it open and expose the flesh - its white with many seeds inside. These flowers look soo exotic! The blooms eventually fall off and the stem starts to plump and turns into the red dragonfruit.

An orchard of dragonfruit plants. These resembled Christmas Cactus that I used to grow as a child. Its


I hadn't seen a pineapple in the wild before. You can grow new pineapple fruits by cutting off the crown of an existing pineapple and planting it anew. They take 20-24 months to grow, and six months after that to bear fruit.

(Baby) Bananas!

Leaves of a Mango Tree

Jackfruit Tree

Water Coconut

This tree was really fascinating, as the parent plant actually grows in water, but the actual water coconut contains very little water. They sort of look like really large pinecones.

The Farm Dog

This little guy followed us around on the fruit farm. He was really friendly. I've noticed that many Vietnamese dogs are actually very small to medium. 

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