May 5, 2014

Exciting site updates!

I'm excited to tell you about some updates the site has been undergoing these last few weeks:

My blog has a domain name -!

I actually owned this domain name a few years ago and was happy to see no one had taken it over the last few years after I let it expire. To clarify, I still host my blog at, however, I have linked a domain I purchased through to the blog. That way, I can still enjoy free hosting, have my own "domain" for 18 euros a year and not break the bank!

New Portfolio style pages:

Blogger has very little in the way of customization, so using tables - divs and a bit of creative CSS I put together a "Pinterest" like style of organizing my past posts that are much more visual. I'm very happy with the result :)

I've done this with most of my main pages including "Recipes" and "Travel". 

I hope to incorporate some old materials I had at other sites like tutorials, quotes, graphics and a better portfolio of some graphic and web design I have done in the past.

More Photography:

Since purchasing an SLR camera during Black Friday last year, I've been steadily trying to improve the quality of the photos I take. I'm realizing more and more that there are different techniques for photographing food vs. people vs. landscapes.

Better Content:

Looking back at a lot of my earlier stuff, I notice that I didn't put as much time and effort into researching background information on my topics. Rather than blogging for the sake of blogging, I want to make this a fun process for me too.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. congrats on the new domain! excited to see all your changes :)

  2. Thank you Carolyn! I really appreciate <3

  3. Wow congrats on the new domain... you are very lucky that the domain was still available! I remember I let a domain expire and a few years later I looked it up only to find that it was no longer available :( This is my first time at your site but it looks great, can't wait to see all the other changes you are planning.


  4. Thank you so much Jessica! I loved visiting your blog (and also followed you back on Twitter!). I recently just added jQuery Drop Down Menus (using dropdownmenu generator) as this are not native to Blogger (I'm much more experienced with Wordpress, but alas free hosted blogs are much more limited in design).

    I've also added a "Back to Top" button as well!

    Thanks for following along <3


  5. Annie, I used to read your original website and Tabulas blog way back in 2005. Randomly I got nostalgic and remembered your blog again. So good to see you online!

  6. TY Alaka! What a blast from the past. Thanks for dropping by again :)