Feb 3, 2014

Charlie, the bunny burrito

{source: boy girl rabbit}

Charlie has reached of age, and we took him to the vet to get neutered. He's a very hyper, anxious little bunny and seems to be very nervous in new environments. I draped a towel over him and he calmed down immediately:

Before Surgery

After Surgery

The surgery went successfully! He's recovering quite nicely and is back to his usual self. Something we noticed however, was that he started chewing on our wires (which we've tried hiding from plan sight but he managed to get on) - this is a behaviour he has never done before.

We were given three days worth of an anti-inflammatory (Meloxicam), strangely it was chicken flavoured, I'm not sure why. Hopefully there was no actual chicken.

We have also attempted to reunite them, and it took 5 days before the hormones from his system cleared before we can reunite them without inappropriate behaviour taking place.

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