Feb 23, 2014

Bloor-Yorkville's Icefest 2014

This past Saturday, my cousin Cindy and I met up to take part in "Ice Fest", where ice sculpture competitions took place. The temperature was about 3 degrees Celsius above 0, but the organizers were able to keep the sculptures cool. We took this opportunity to practice our photography skills and to catch up together.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 f 18-55 mm
Edited with: Adobe Lightroom 5

I tried to keep in mind things I had learned from photography composition: specifically rule of thirds, including textures, patterns, and perspectives. I'm hoping that with more practice I can get better

001. The Theme: "Heat Wave": All of the sculptures were related to something tropical.

Settings for Photo 001:

002. & 003. - Closeups of ice sculptures - I tried playing around with features and settings in Lightroom. For Photo 002 - I decreased contrast and changed the tint. For Photo 003 the contrast was increased and shadows were exaggerated.

004 & 005. 

The streets were super crowded and it was difficult to get to some structures. 

Mermaid in a martini glass. These were considerably less artistic but I felt I did better with this photo - specifically rule of thirds, incorporating different textures (tile, wood panels, greenery and ice, as well as darkening the shadows. Photo 007 was definitely one of my favourite shots. 

This picture was taken by the new Nespresso cafe that just opened up at Bloor-Yorkville area. I really liked all the circles and lines used, although I generally try not to have the main subject of the shot dead centre, I couldn't think of how else to frame it. 

In keeping with the "heat wave" theme a dolphin in ice. I used two thirds, and also decided to leave  2/3rds of the space in front of the dolphin so it looks like it has somewhere to go - although this would be much more effective with a moving subject. 

Photo my cousin Cindy took :) 

This photo was actually taken just outside of a hotel valet service. Both of us were immediately drawn to this to try our shot at taking this. The panels, colours, lines and contrast turned out very pretty!

There's something about this picture that felt like a story was being told, perhaps "simple life in the big city".  I loved the geometry in this photo. 


Here was an ice sculptor using smething that looked like a chain saw. I used rule of thirds and used a nearby tree to "frame" the picture. Adds a bit of perspective. 


We also came across a cute chocolate shop called "Moroco Chocolat". We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but it was a very cute place!


The blue bin was a bit off putting (wish I could have removed it) but here's another epic seahorse. This probably wasn't a very good picture since for some reason I must have focused on the background instead of the seahors in the foreground. You can really appreciate in some of the fences. 


This gentleman used an iron to "iron out" surfaces and smooth out imperfections. It was really neat to see him at work. 

One of my favourite photos was this set of mailboxes (or perhaps this controls the street lights?) that were painted in beautiful sunflowers. What a contrast to the dreary weather we were experiencing. 

The happy pelican picture. I wish a lot more of my photos had more of a bokeh effect. I couldn't get close up enough and I have a kit lens. Perhaps in the future I'll get more of an opportunity. I edited this photo so that th ice would look more matte - it didn't seem as impressive or texturized as photos where I increased contrast and had very shiny and glossy photos of ice like Photo 0.19 below:

Lots of detail and texture in the freaky looking sun. 





All in all it was great bonding time and good photography practice. Summer will certainly provide more inspiration for photography practice. It's hard to make winter pictures very compelling. Please leave any feedback or suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Takada AtsuyoFebruary 26, 2014

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