Feb 17, 2014

Lonely Hearts Valentine's Potluck

I've been feeling really sick this past week, and finally took a day off to recover (I slept the entire day, fluids, meds, etc.). As a result I had to postpone a potluck I had planned for VDay but nonetheless it went off without a hitch!

We don't take Valentine's Day too seriously, and take the "hallmark" holiday as an excuse to get together with good friends and have some good food.

I hosted an "anti-Valentine's" day potluck at my condo. I put together the facebook event and titled it "Lonely Hearts" (a homage to Marina and the Diamonds song, "Lonely Hearts Club"), the tagline was "for singles, couples and the confused".

Aubrey brought roses for all of the girls (green ones, which represent fertility and abundance), and also received an impromptu Valentine's poem from one of our good friends.

As people arrived we started preparing the appetizers, entrees and desserts. My goal was to have a relatively low-key night swapping stories and good laughs. All in all it was a perfect evening :)


My friend Bernice and Ashley put together a cheese appetizer board. 

Chicken in zucchini boats one of our guests put together:

Steak Rub

Rib-eye steaks, although next time I'll have to use better quality cut of meat:

Cream cake from a Korean Bakery that my friend Linda brought. It was SOOO creamy, light and fluffy - absolutely delicious!

Creme Brûlée 

My friend Aubrey put together a Creme Brûlée Dish from scratch. He put a layer of sugar on the custard and used a blow torch to caramelize the sugar.


I put together a small game for everyone to play called "The Dating Game", loosely based off that vintage show.

However instead of a date, the guys would earn "candy hearts" based on their answers and potentially win a prize. I had purchased a few valentine's candies from Shoppers Drug Mart as well as a grand prize of a "Tiffany Blue" tea mug from David's Tea. 

Girls and guys took turns asking questions, like "Describe your ideal date", "How would you ask a girl you liked out on a date?"

It started as light hearted and fun; but quickly turned into a serious relationship advice discussion. We explored different ideas surrounding gender roles and expectations. 

So overall, potluck was success. Although I did tire out pretty quickly (and promptly passed out as soon as everyone left), I really enjoyed seeing all of my good friends and being able to host them together.

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