Nov 16, 2013

Toronto Travel: St. Lawrence Market

I've been to St. Lawrence Market before; but I had an opportunity to appreciate the city in a whole different light as a resident of downtown Toronto. It was walking distance from my place and took no time at all to reach there. What was especially nice was how I didn't have to find parking in the chaos of Toronto traffic.

I definitely want to take the time to visit again and take some time to go through the vendors more slowly. I also have to bring more cash, as some locations (most locations) do not accept credit or debit cards.

Carousel Bakery: Famous Peameal Bacon Sandwiches

This location has received so much media attention and visits from famous celebrities (both from and outside of the cooking world).

Breakfast Sandwich which included cheese, egg, and peameal bacon. 

Other Vendors

It was hard to tell if the fish was priced competitively with local grocery stores, but it looked super fresh!

The meats were fresh cuts and competitively fresh, especially chicken breasts. I became convinced after this trip to do my grocery shopping here!

Several mustards and finishing sauces up for sampling with pretzels and with meat. Delicious!

I'm not sure of the reputation of their cupcakes; however, they were quite pricey ($2.62 for a large cupcake).

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