Nov 18, 2013

Toronto Eats: Ga Bin Korean Restaurant

After dragonboat practice, I headed with some of the teammates to a Korean Restaurant nearby. We always get excited when there is an authentic Korean restaurant (to us that means Korean restaurants actually run by Korean people).

We went to the Ga Bin Korean Restaurant, which featured "Smokeless" Korean BBQ.

The Korean Experience

Bimbimbap 비빔밥

I ended up eating Eel Bimbimbap. Bimbim literally means "mixed (bimbim) rice (bap)". You often see the dish with an egg on top but I decided to go with eel. 

Dumpling Appetizer

As an appetizer we ordered dumplings. These were delicious and crisp!

Banchan 반찬

The traditional Korean side dishes are an important staple for Korean meals. Side dishes include Tofu, Kim Chi, Potatoes, Bean Sprouts

Metal Chopsticks 젓가락 and Spoon

Another feature of Korean restaurants is their use of metal chopsticks and spoon. The ends are usually ribbed for better grip.

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