Nov 22, 2013

Ethiopiques: Ethiopian Food

I had an opportunity to take advantage of a Groupon for Ethiopiques an Ethopian Restaurant.

I have never had Ethiopian food before.

Appetizer: Sambusa

These are called: Sambusas, and the closest thing I've had are Indian Samosas. These are crispy filo dough stuffed with either meat or vegetables. I tried one of each. There was also a delicious sauce you could dip it with, I asked the waiter and he said something along the lines of olive oil, chili pepper, garlic powder... and some other spices. 

Dinner: Meat Platter

 I ordered a Meat Platter, which included "Spicy meat stew, mild lamb stew, steak tartar (ketfo) and tibs with injera and collard greens". The meat sits on Ethiopian "bread" called Injera

You also get a side of Injera that you can use it to dip the meats in. There were varying spices and the veggies were zesty. 

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