Nov 16, 2013

Toronto Desserts: Prairie Girl Bakery

So I had the opportunity to visit the infamous Prairie Girl Bakery which specializes in Cupcakes. They had a variety of flavours, special cupcake of the day and everything was freshly made.

One of my good friends had brought cupcakes from Prairie Girl Bakery at a Girls Night we had a while back. So I decided to visit this downtown location at King St East and Victoria Street intersection.

I ended up getting the mini ones and they were delicious!!

Vanilla/Vanilla and Red Velvet/Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Prairie Girl Cupcake Bakery

The store front!

Menu and service.

Their "cupcake wall" of different cupcake protraits

Their large cupcakes were actually HUGE with generous amounts of icing.

Serviced on purple napkins, very classy!

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