Jun 11, 2014

Jillian Michaels: Body Revolution (its done!)

I did it. I just finished Jillian Michael's 90 day weight loss program Body Revolution.

I didn't use this program solely for weight loss:

  1. A simple exercise program that would increase in intensity over time. I wanted to get back into exercise, gently.
  2. I wanted an exercise program that was 30 minutes or less, so I could fit into my busy schedule.
  3. I wanted something fun and motivational. That inspired me to be better.
  4. I wanted something that would allow me to stay well conditioned and in shape while I did other sports
The program is 12 weeks long (3 months), with each week getting progressively harder. One note is that I actually could not do the exercises every single day due to my hectic schedule. However, I did them on all the free days that I could in addition to Dragonboat and Dance

It feels like an amazing accomplishment.

Fit and toned, not skin and bones

With all of these things combined, I'm very close to my goal weight, which is the weight I had when I was at my fittest during university (at that point I had regular cardio and was hitting the gym everyday). I had the opportunity to talk to a trainer that I met through instagram. She described this concept of "skinny fat", which essentially is where you may have a healthy body mass index, however, your percentage body fat is high. So it is possible to be "fat and fit" as much as you can be "skinny and unhealthy".

Health Goals

I'm still trying to figure out what my fitness goals are - doing it for the aesthetic is a nice consequence of exercising, but what am I working towards? Jillian Michaels often talks about how goal setting in health has to be specific. "Being healthy" as a goal doesn't cut it.

A couple of things do come to mind:

  • Living long and healthy, with no health problems related to unhealthy lifestyle.
  • A healthy diet, with regular home-cooked meals (little to no processed foods, foods high in sugar, more fruits and vegetables, etc.). It would be easier on my health and diet.
  • Learning to enjoy the process, and not simply exercise just for the result. 

What's Next?

I have actually been working on a workout schedule, and have finessed it to a point where I have regular breaks and I'm changing it up the type of exercises I am doing.

Type of Exercises

Video Exercises

Video Exercise

Video Exercise

Video Exercise

Instagram Videos

Instagram Exercises

Instagram Exercises

  • Video Exercise - I'll be cycling between different video exercises: I just finished Jillian Michaels, I'll attempt Insanity, T25, p90x whatever happens to suit my taste at the time. This will be every otter day.
  • Instagram exercises - This is in reference to the multiple fitness and trainer accounts I follow that have specific exercises that target problem areas. I've also been compiling different exercise regiments as well that I want to do on these "rest" days.  Whether its targeting flexibility (yoga) or other areas. 
  • Dragonboat: is usually a 2.5 hour practice that starts with a  running warmup, then work on the water that involves upper body, core, back and legs. Its intense.
  • Dragonboat Homework Exercises: These are exercises that are assigned to us by the team captain each week to complete. I think its meant to keep us conditioned and well in shape. 

To quote Jillian..

"Fear will pass, regret is forever."

Do you have any fitness goals you're working towards? How do you stay on track?

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  1. I'm definitely skinny and unhealthy... I want to get into a routine where I can become fit, not to lose weight but to just be healthier. Your post has inspired me! I have a Pilates DVD work out that I was trying to get into but I stopped after the second days....oops! Definitely going to give that another shot and hope I keep at it!