Jun 25, 2014

YYZ ✈ NRT ✈ SGN: Trip to Vietnam & Japan

So I just touched down in Vietnam about an hour ago spending 18 hours in flight and 20+ hours total in transit. My aunt who I'm staying with has wireless internet here and plug adaptors which I'm ecstatic about! Its 1:36 AM in Vietnam (12:37 PM in Toronto I believe) and I'm wide awake. So I thought I might as well give an update.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

I took a taxi from my home to the airport and loaded everything up. Check-in was relatively straight forward and as per my dad's instruction, I arrived 3 hours before my light was to take off. I purchased a very expensive, single patty burger (no cheese) for $8.00 as they had nothing else, my French Vanilla Cappucino and a doughnut from Tim Horton's and proceeded to wait.

A photo I took while heading to my gate to board my flight.  
The wireless is not too reliable and I kept disconnecting every 15 minutes. Although they did have these nifty ipads around and plug outlets galore, which I really appreciated. I charged my SLR, iPhone (yes.. I did bring it with me...) and my dad's Windows Laptop. 

Another picture I took of the iPads they had setup that allowed for
free internet access (no purchase of food necessary!). 

YYZ ✈ NRT (12 hr flight)

The flight from Toronto to Narita was BRUTAL. After watching a movie (Gravity), eating a meal, doing some reading, listening to music, walking up and down aisles to keep my feet from getting restless -- only 3 hours (of 12) had passed! The temperature of the cabin was uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep (or maybe it was me - I kept fluctuating between hot and cold).

Not much to say about the food, it was pretty bland. I still can't get over that they served Cup Noodles lol. I really wasn't expecting that.

Food from Air Canada really isn't that fabulous.

NRT ✈ SGN (5 hr flight)

I landed in Tokyo Narita airport and was in awe of all the cute stuff they had! I only had 1.5 hours for the layover, which also involved checking my bags through the x-ray machine again. They had much more reliable wireless.

I was with ANA airlines this time and it was much more pleasurable experience. It was much cooler, the food was delicious and flight attendants very polite!

I got a window seat when flying form Tokyo/Narita to Vietnam. We were just about to hit sunset, and I had a good view of the cotton candy clouds. 
I'll be heading back to Japan in about two weeks time, but will spend my first two weeks in Vietnam. The first city is Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, or as the locals still call it - Saigon). I'll be hitting up downtown Saigon as well as local markets. I'm hoping for some good experiences tomorrow :)

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  1. Okay, an airport with ipads? So cool! $8 for a burger... so not cool! I hate how expensive the food is at the airport. But they are smart, people are hungry and will pay whatever just to eat! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)

  2. Thanks Jess! I'll keep you posted :D