Jun 23, 2014

Race #2: Toronto International Dragonboat Festival at Centre Island

We had our big race of the Dragonboat season this past weekend. 200 teams descended upon Centre Island in Toronto to compete. There were tons of races, festivities, booths, food trucks and tons of spectators! We were lucky to have beautiful sunny weather for both days!

What really bummed me out about the first race we had in Pickering a few weeks back was that I didn't bring my SLR camera. So I was sure to bring it along this time and took a lot of team pictures and candid photos. 

Up on stage collecting our medals! I am in the middle holding the award frame/certificate.
We took home two medals, placing third in two divisions: Recreational and Non-profit. Our last race was VERY close the top three teams had the same time but only differed by milliseconds.

Our team warming up before practice. 

The taste of victory, after winning our first medal! I'm second from the left on the first row. 
Our team captain Simon!

One of the girls, Gen braided the girls hair! 
My friends Bernice, Ashley and fellow dragonboater Desmond. 

My team with two metals! I'm second from the right, on the second row. 
Its been a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. We do get a little bit tired because although it is a half day event (with races lasting just between 2-4 minutes) we're out in the sun all day, warming up and going through drills, techniques etc.

Our team captain Simon, after the team threw him into Lake Ontario as per post-race tradition. 
I'm very happy with the way the pictures turned out! It was good practice before I head on my trip to Vietnam/Japan. I fixed some of the pictures in Lightroom to adjust for unevenness in light.

Ready ready!
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