Dec 23, 2009

South Korea Day 1: From Pearson to Incheon

Posing by the Christmas tree at the Pearson International Airport. This was at a time I still wore glasses and had much lighter hair:

Waiting with my dad at the Perason Internal Airport:

My airline ticket on Korean Air. This was a LONG flight, about 12 hours, but I've been used to similar length flights flying to Vietnam.

Our flight course to South Korea, we avoided.. the north side of course:

Arriving at Incheon Airport and grabbing my luggage.

The first thing I did when I was there was order McDonalds.. at the Airport.

Finally got around to eating my first meal in Korea:

We eventually made our way to a lifestyle store, there were a lot of shirts with English slogans:

That concludes Day 1!

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