Dec 23, 2009

South Korea Day 2: Outdoor Parks, Shopping & BBQ

I went out and explored a bit of KOrea. It was super cold that day, but it was nice to walk around and see different sights. 

There were many outdoor exercise machines set around different public spaces that I noticed were used mainly be seniors. It'd be nice if they had this in Canada:

Running up and down an obelisk:

Visiting a large shopping complex:

Here are some Christmas Cakes for sale at the South Korean Baskin Robins. Its an American chain, but they still manage to say Engrish this one.

One of my favourite cakes:

If you buy a Christmas Cake, you get a Christmas hat - which changes each year. This year's was endorsed by famous K-pop band 2NE1.

Ordering Pizza in South Korea:

 Here is a side of salad that we use to eat the South Korean BBQ.

South Korean BBQ:

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