Aug 31, 2014

Fan Expo: Day 4 of 4

The last day of FanExpo was relatively low key. We waited in line to meet Jessica Nigri, a really famous cosplayer but because of flight changes she had to cancel her event. However we had a chance to go to a panel with Ian Somerhalder. 

From Mortal Kombat: they had no pupils!

Cosplaying as Mario and Luigi again!

Panel with Ian Somerhalder

I dragged Stephen to the event and he was a good sport about it. I didn't realize Ian was formerly part of the "Lost" cast. He definitely played to his audience, flirtatious, and funny. What we were both surprised about was all the philanthropy he's doing through "ISF" where he rescues animals. He's also very passionate about education, the environment. 

One of my favourite questions from the audience, "If you were a mythological creature what would you be?"

His response: "I am a mythological creature."

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  1. the mortal kombat cosplays are awesome!


  2. Aw, that sucks that Jessica had to cancel!

  3. It was due to "scheduling conflicts"; which is unfortunate :(