Mar 25, 2014

Indian Food at Madhur's

I went to a friend's house that I met through salsa for a home made Indian dinner.

This is Palak Paneer, which is thick pureed spinach curry made with paneer (Indian Farmer Cheese).

Patra (Patarveliya) is most popular with Gujarati people. This is a savoury steamed leaf roll recipe, made from arbi or colocasia leaf. The leaves are rolled in flour and can be served with red chili powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, tumeric powder and coriander powder.

Me with my friend Bernice enjoying the Patra appetizer.

We had Basmati rice and Roti (like Na'an bread)

Gulab Jamun served in vanilla icecream. Its very sweet. It's made of milk solids, rolled into balls balls are then soaked in a light sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom and rosewater. Gulab Jamun roughtly translates (from Persian) to "Flower" and "Water" in reference to the rosewater that flavours the syrup.

This was "Ras Malai", which was REALLY interesting and the word comes from Urdu meaning "Juicy cream".

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