Sep 27, 2013

Halloween Party Inspiration

I'm putting together a few ideas for a Halloween Party that I'm hosting this year at my new condo downtown. Having my own space has been wonderful as I can organize, decorate and clean to my heart's desire without parents looming over and questioning everything I'm doing (they're not big on events and holidays). 

I've been browsing Pinterest and WeHeartIt as well as many mommy blogs for potential ideas for a Halloween Party. 

In this Entry:

  1. Halloween Desserts
  2. DIY Halloween Decor
  3. Halloween Table Setting Ideas

Halloween Desserts

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

Making the pumpkins are a bit challenging 


Halloween Colours

This is a simple one I may pull off at work. Start with a chocolate base cupcake and ice with vanilla icing with orange food colouring. 

Halloween Marshmallow Desserts

Spice this up at a party by having guests decorate their own Marshmallow pops.

DIY Halloween Decor

Banners and Candles


Bats and Jar Lights

Outdoor Halloween Decor

{Pull in case of vampires stakes! / DIY Lawn Ghosts}

Spider Webs from Garbage Bags and Tissue Ghosts


{Spider Webs Made From Garbage Bags / Ghost Garlands}

Halloween Table Setting Inspo

Amy Atlas Halloween Dessert Setup

{Amy Atlas Halloween Table Setting}

Plaid black and orange Halloween Table Setup


Halloween Dessert Tables with Banners


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