Sep 13, 2013

Ombre Inspiration

I emailed the stylists a picture of my current hair, and two pics of ombres that I would like to get (I ended up emailing them Michelle Phan's ombre pics) and they said it would be completely doable! My hair is very long and super thick. Although a bit pricey, I may be saving to do it closer to my birthday in December as a treat to myself.

Some of my favourite Ombre's actually come from celebrities (both offline and online) as well as stylists that are popular on social media sites.

My favourite Ombres:

Shay Mitchell

Straight hair ombre

Soft waves, Shay Mitchell Ombre


Shay Mitchell - Straight Ombre, and a blonde ombre with balayage.

Shay Mitchell, braid ombre

Shay mitchelle, Ombre, loose waves


 Lauren Conrad

Michelle Phan Ombre


Michelle Phan, blonde ombre

Guy Tang Ombre


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