Personal Finances

My goal is to live my life, but in a spiritually fulfilling and financially responsible way.  My parents were immigrants, and my mother a war refugee so although money was never in abundance, frugality and responsible spending became a life mission for myself as I came into my own.

Growing up in a low-income family, the biggest barrier for financial security was personal finance literacy. Its not something thats taught in school although it is an essential life long skill. I've taken it upon myself to educate myself and share what I learn along the way.


Personal Finance Resources

Some of my favourite resources:

Investopedia Personal Finance
    • Investopedia is like an encylopedia for the layperson and has a ton of resources for business people and those wishing to learn about the basics of Personal Finance (e.g. banking, investing, registered savings plans, understanding the stockmarket, etc.)

    • I frequently like to read their "Must Reads" questions which have articles on life and money, sharing women's stories and strategies for saving money
    • If you want a go-to resource for information about personal finance, you can go to their "Knowledge Centre"

Huffington Post Personal Finance:
    • Huffington Post always has excellent content and writers for other sections. They have an entire section dedicated to tips for Personal Finance.