Sep 21, 2014

Joel's Birthday

My little cousin turned 4 years old today. He's really into ninja turtles, swords, and cars. We had a small birthday get together with mom's side of the family. He has a "kids" birthday party next week. 

Gifts for 4-year-olds are really difficult. Lynne and I got him a "youth tent" which has a ceiling of the night sky AND glows in the dark.

I asked the girls at work, and they suggested getting him a "piggy bank". His favourite animal is an elephant, so this was the perfect gift. Although, I think his mom liked the gift more than he did. 

As per every birthday tradition in the family, we had a pinata. It just so happens he is also obsessed with pirates after meeting Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney World.

He helped stuff the pinata, its only fitting then that he collects the goods.

"Show us your cute face!", he delivered.

Four generations of family here :)It was a great get together!

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