Sep 28, 2014

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Today we had a high of 25 degrees in Toronto (really rare at the end of September) and we decided to go for ice cream in the Trinity Bellwoods area.  The owner of the Bakerbots Bakery opened up this store just a few months ago and its quickly becoming very popular. 

Their delicious ice cream sandwiches were HUGE. So we each ordered half ice cream sandwich. Eating these were challenging, as each bite caused ice cream to squish out the other side.

The lineup was the door, and we got inside eventually after about 25 minutes. It was well worth the wait.

Waiting in line for icecream :)

Bang Bang Ice Cream Storefront

The storefront features high ceiling, buckets of custom handmade ice cream. The aroma when you walk in is overwhelming; freshly baked cookies.

Inside the storefront, high ceilings. 

The storefront which makes its own ice cream and cookies of course.
Each cookie had a label, as well as "ideal pairings" with ice cream. 

Eating my ice cream sandwich! London fog ice cream with "birthday cake" cookie. 

Icecreams were somewhat reasonably priced (or at least seemed that way, given the reputation and deliciousness of the icecream).

Their menu. 

Among some options they had "surprise surprize", cinnamon toast, bellwoods stout, key lime pie, fresh mint, chocolate 2, chocolate hazelnut, banana puddin', and london fog.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

The cookie selection included the "Almost Everything" cookie, whole wheat with raisins and dates, ginger cookies and what I had - the "Birthday" cookie with a bit of sugar and salt.

The ice cream cookie sandwiches collection. 
The Birthday cookie with London Fog icecream. 

Hong Kong Waffle Cone

Hong Kong waffle is made from an egg-based batter, and the pattern is simplye: waffles with spherical "egg" like shapes. I've seen it made in asian markets like Pacific Mall and Chinatown in downtown Toronto. Its a very common street food. 

Hong Kong waffle as an ice cream is delicious! The entire cone + icecream is enormous and I probably wouldn't be able to finish it on my own.

Hong Kong waffle cone with london fog icecream.

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