Oct 18, 2013

A New Outlook

I was reading through "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins on my Amazon Kindle. I completed an exercise called "Building your Identity" where you list characteristics you wish to possess, examples of individuals who exemplify those characteristics, and what you practical steps and activities you would have to do and experiences you'd have to have in order to achieve those characteristics.

There were a couple of things on my (not so exhaustive list). I've gone from conservative, sheltered, geeky high school girl, to a 20-something trying to find my own way.

Things on my wish list of characteristics include:

  • being healthier physically and emotionally
  • be beautiful inside and out
  • being more adventurous
  • having more energy and vitality
  • travel
  • being savvy with homemaking (cooking, home organization, home decor, etc.)
There are many people both in my personal and professional life, as well as more well known individuals who exemplify these different characteristics. 

I hope to use this blog as a tool to achieving my different goals and chronicle my journey. 

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