Aug 16, 2010

San Francisco Day 2: Van Ness and Fisherman's Wharf

Van Ness Street

 Hitting Van Ness Street

Posing outside the San Francisco Opera House

The gardens just outside the opera house:

Posing by City Hall:

Outside the court house:

I can't tell you the number of segway tours we kept running into. There are some SF natives who also own their own segways to go grocery shopping. I don't see this being practical in a Canadian winter. 

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is San Francisco's historical fishing district. Apart from the usual tourist fanfare (busker's, souvenir shops) there are still a lot of influences of the waterfront community's culture, events, sights, sounds and food. It was one of my favourite places to visit!


About to enter Fisherman's Wharf

Crabs everywhere!


Boudin is famous for its sourdough French bread and is named after the family that founded it. They use the same recipe since the original in 1849. We had a chance to visit their flagship store

We ate lunch, including pasta with Boudin bread :)

Later came a crab feast:

Some of the touristy attractions:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

We visited this shop before Rocky Mountain started popping up around Canadian malls. I'd never been to a specialty "Chocolate Boutique" that reminded me of some of the candies I'd see on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:




Ghirardelli has its origins in San Francisco in 1841 following the California Gold Rush. After a major fire, Domino Ghirardelli rebuilt into a confectioner's factory and her eit is today. We visited Ghirardelli square which hosted quite a few neat desesrt shops:

Inside Ghirardelli square:

San Francisco was always very misty and foggy:

Right outside of a high school:

 Busker's and Fixations at Fisherman's Wharf

Had to cross the street to take this one. 

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